Religious and political congregation will continue

## ## Local conditions likely to guide next phase of lockdown

Speaking to reporters through a video conference, he also called for coordination among states to ensure that migrant workers are provided transport to reach their homes so that tragedies like the road accident in Uttar Pradesh on Saturday morning that killed 24 of them are avoided.The Madhya Pradesh government is also coordinating with states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand, from where large numbers of migrant workers hail, so that they are attended to after being dropped at its borders.With the third phase of lockdown ending on Sunday and Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaking of an “entirely different lockdown 4.0″, Chouhan said the focus now should be on speeding up economic activities while ensuring that COVID 19 is contained.Poor people and those running small scale industry are suffering due to extended lockdown, he said.”We will have to fight the coronavirus and also take measures to kick start economic activities at a fast pace,” Chouhan said.Noting that the prime minister has given states a major say in deciding on the nature of the next phase of lockdown, he said local circumstances will dictate it and most activities in green zones, and in orange zones outside containment zones will be allowed.In red zones, where the spread of coronavirus is highest, economic activities will be guided by strict regulations, he added.However, crowds will not be allowed to assemble and so places like malls and cinema halls will remain closed. Religious and political congregation will continue to be barred, he said and advised people to celebrate Eid at their homes.Chouhan said development model will have to change due to COVID 19, and governments will now have to put emphasis on providing employment to people near their homes.Modi’s call for a “self reliant India” is a step in this direction, and the Madhya Pradesh government has taken agriculture and labour reforms to boost investment and generate employment for a long term solution.Asked about the RSS affiliate Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh’s strident opposition to the labour reforms brought in by his government, Chouhan asserted that the measures are in the interest of labourers and he will continue to have dialogue with the BMS in this regard.

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